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CFE Common Final Exam CPA Canada Course Exam Prep 2020 Study Package

CFE Common Final Exam CPA Canada Course Exam Prep 2020 Study Package.

This study kit contains everything you need to succeed in your CFE Exams. You can download the kit in seconds. It’s fully printable and can be used offline. It does not require online access and does not expire.

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The package contains all of the following resources:

-2020 Study Guide for all competencies:

• CPA Competency Map

• Technical Competencies

• Financial Reporting

• Management Accounting

• Strategy & Governance

• Audit & Assurance

• Corporate Finance

• Taxation

• Enabling Competencies (2020)

• Acting Ethically and Demonstrating Professional Values

• Leading

• Collaborating

• Managing Self

• Adding Value

• Solving Problems and Making Decisions

• Communicating

Practice / Check Mock Exams and Answers

• 350 questions and answers covering all required competencies

TERMinator Test Cards

- 2020 Flashcards – 500 Flashcards - Printable - Questions on front side, answers on back side

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