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Red Seal Skilled Trades Canada Exam Prep Red Seal Test Download PDF Red Seal Exam Questions Download

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The Red Seal Program is a national standard for skilled trades in Canada. It is a certification program that recognizes the skills and knowledge of skilled tradespeople across the country. The program is administered by the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA) and is recognized by employers, governments, and educational institutions. The Red Seal Program offers a list of over 50 skilled trades that are recognized across Canada. These trades include:

• Automotive Service Technician

• Carpenter

• Electrician

• Heavy Duty Equipment Technician

• Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)

• Ironworker

• Machinist

• Plumber

• Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic

• Welder

In addition to these core trades, the Red Seal Program also offers a number of specialized trades, such as:

• Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

• Automotive Painter

• Boilermaker

• Broadcast Technician

• Construction Electrician

• Gasfitter

• Glazier

• Industrial Electrician

• Industrial Instrument Technician

• Insulator

• Machinist (Tool and Die Maker)

• Metal Fabricator

• Motorcycle Mechanic

• Powerline Technician

• Sheet Metal Worker

• Steamfitter/Pipefitter

• Telecommunications Technician

• Tool and Die Maker

• Upholsterer

To become certified in a Red Seal trade, individuals must complete an apprenticeship program and pass a provincial or territorial exam. The exam is designed to assess the knowledge and skills required to work in the trade. Once an individual has passed the exam, they are issued a Red Seal endorsement on their provincial or territorial trade certificate. This endorsement is recognized across Canada and allows individuals to work in their trade in any province or territory. The Red Seal Program is an important part of the Canadian skilled trades system. It ensures that skilled tradespeople have the knowledge and skills necessary to work in their trade, and it provides employers with a reliable way to identify qualified workers. The program also helps to ensure that skilled tradespeople are able to move freely across the country and work in their trade in any province or territory.


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