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CHRP Employment Law

CHRP Employment Law 

The "CHRP Employment Law Exam" refers to an examination related to employment law within the context of the Chartered Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation. The CHRP designation, now often referred to as the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) in some regions, is a credential for individuals working in the field of human resources. This exam covers various aspects of employment law, including regulations, rights, responsibilities, and legal frameworks that pertain to the employer-employee relationship. The specifics of the exam may vary depending on the organization or body that administers it, but it generally aims to test candidates' understanding of employment law concepts relevant to HR professionals. If you are preparing for this exam, it's recommended to refer to study materials provided by the certifying organization or institution offering the CHRP/CPHR program.

This study kit is specifically for the CHRP & CHRL Employment Law Exams. Its everything you need to pass easily.


This CHRP Employment Law Exam Guide will prepare you for the exams. This is the ideal study guide covering all the learning objectives taught in the HR Competency Frameworks, as found in the official HR Guides.


Our study kits have been carefully written and structured to give you the best possible chance of succeeding at your exam. The language is simple, the learning objectives are clear and succinct. This is everything you need.  


CourseTree guarantees you pass your exams. A full refund will be given if you do not pass.

Section 1 – Complete HR Guide Study Notes for CHRP Employment Law Competency Frameworks – 330 Pages - Everything you need to know from all chapters


Section 2 – Axtual CHRP Law exam bank questions with answer keys. 300 Pages - Questions are broken into the unit chapters and presented as a full exam


Section 3 – Flashcards memory game – 100 flashcards with questions on the front side and answers on the back. 


Good luck with your Human Resources Employment Law exam.

Full Refund Policy


The full amount of your purchase will be refunded if you are not successful in passing your exams. With a copy of your transcript showing an unsuccessful grade, you’ll be refunded in full with no questions asked.

CHRL Employment Law
CHRP Employment Law 
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