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CHRP & CHRL Comprehensive Knowledge Exams

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CHRP & CHRL Comprehensive Knowledge Exams

Transcript Policy – COVID-19

HRPA’s exams are currently delivered by Prometric via computer-based testing and this partnership was expanded in August 2020 to include online delivery through a secure remote proctoring system – ProProctor. HRPA remains committed to offering exams. As the situation with COVID-19 remains fluid, HRPA will continue with the dual-modality delivery model until the end of 2021. If you are planning to write either the CHRP Knowledge Exam (CHRP-KE) or the CHRL Knowledge Exam (CHRL-KE), you have the choice of writing the exam remotely via an online delivery module, or – if you prefer and test centres in your area are open – in person. New: HRPA will be introducing structural changes to the CHRP and CHRL Knowledge Exams for 2021. What this means is that the knowledge exams will be divided into 2 content sections. The structural changes are as follows: CHRP Knowledge Exam (CHRP-KE)CHRL Knowledge Exam (CHRL – KE)Exam Content Section 1: 1 hour and 45 minsExam Content Section 1: 2 hours and 30 mins1 optional 15 min break1 optional 15 min breakExam Content Section 2: 1 hour and 45 minsExam Content Section 2: 2 hours and 30 minsTotal: 3.5 hours to complete 175 questionsTotal: 5 hours to complete 250 questions​Breaks: You will be permitted one 15 - minute optional break which we encourage you to take after you have completed and submitted Exam Section 1 and before you start Exam Section 2. Breaks are not permitted during Exam Section 1 or Exam Section 2. Please note: There are no changes to content, format, method of delivery, level of difficulty or the eligibility requirements. Registration for the CHRP or CHRL Knowledge Exam involves a simple three-step process:

  1. Establish your eligibility with HRPA; eligibility means being an active registrant who is approved for the Public Register and who has met the Coursework Requirement. (*If you have not met the eligibility requirement you will not be permitted to register for the exam.)

  2. Register and make payment for the exam with HRPA.

  3. Schedule your date, time and location directly on Prometric’s website. You will be given the option of either scheduling your exam at a test centre or through remote proctoring.

NOTE: Register early to ensure you obtain a seat in your preferred city/location or your preferred time if you are testing remotely. CHRP-KE & CHRL-KE The CHRP Knowledge Exam (CHRP-KE) is required for the CHRP designation and is only valid for the CHRP. The CHRP-KE comprises 175 multiple-choice questions, 20-30 of which are test questions. The test questions are not scored and are scattered at random throughout the exam. The time allotment for the CHRP-KE is three hours and 30 minutes. The cost to register for the CHRP Knowledge Exam is $290 plus HST. The CHRL Knowledge Exam (CHRL-KE) is required for the CHRL designation but can be used to meet the knowledge exam requirement for the CHRP as well. The CHRL-KE comprises 250 multiple choice questions, 20-30 of which are test questions. The test questions are not scored and are scattered at random throughout the exam. The time allotment for the CHRL-KE exam is five hours. The cost to register for the CHRL Knowledge Exam is $345 plus HST. Consult the table below for examination dates and testing windows. 2020 & 2021 Comprehensive ​Knowledge Ex​am Dates ExamRegistrationRegistration DeadlineWithdrawal Deadline​​​​​ Exam Testing Window​​CHRP-KERegister​February 8, 2021​29-two calendar days from exam appointment date​​​​February 8–24, 2021​CHRL-KERegister​March 1, 2021​29-two calendar days from exam appointment date​​​​March 1–15, 2021CHRP-KERegistration open as of March 19, 2021​​June 7, 2021​29-two calendar days from exam appointment date​​​June 7–21, 2021​​CHRL-KERegistration open as of April 1, 2021​June 28, 2021​29-two calendar days from exam appointment date​​​​June 28–July 12, 2021​CHRP-KE​Registration open as of July 1, 2021​October 19, 2021​29-two calendar days from exam appointment date​​​​October 19–November 2, 2021​CHRL-KERegistration open as of August 1, 2021November 2, 2021​​29-two calendar days from exam appointment date​​​​November 2–16, 2021Exam Content and Delivery The CHRP-KE and CHRL-KE are based on the HRPA Competency Framework which features nine functional dimensions as it relates to academic knowledge. Academic knowledge refers to basic facts, policies, practices, methods, legislation, etc. It is information that can be written into procedures and transferred fairly accurately during the learning process. Examples of academic knowledge include: the rights and responsibilities of management and labour during union organizing and negotiation processes; the various methods of training and developing staff; and human rights, employment equity and pay equity legislation. The chart below provides a guideline regarding the extent to which each functional dimension is emphasized within the CHRP-KE and the CHRL-KE. For a better understanding of how items are developed for the CHRP-KE and the CHRL-KE, please have a read through our Item-Writing Guidelines. CHRP-KE /CHRL- KE Functional DimensionsCHRP-KE %CHRP-KE # of Questions​CHRL-KE %​CHRL-KE # of QuestionsStrategy4%6–811%22–32​Professional Practice11%16–2211%22–32Organizational Effectiveness13%20–2614%30–40Workforce Planning and Talent Management13%20–2614%30–40​Labour and Employee Relations11%16–229%18–27Total Rewards13%20–2610%20–30​Learning & Development13%20–2611%23–32​​Health, Wellness, and Safe Workplace11%16–228%25–35​​Reporting and Financial Management​11%16–2212%25–35Test items (not scored)20–3020–30TOTAL100%175100%250Examination Accommodations Policy If you require accommodations to write the CHRP-KE or the CHRL-KE, HRPA has developed an Examination Accommodations​​ Policy to provide reasonable testing accommodations for individuals with documented disabilities. Reasonable accommodation refers to any adjustment to the examination materials or testing environment that permits a qualified applicant with a disability to perform without undue hardship to the institution providing accommodation. Documented disabilities are those for which there is a diagnosis by a qualified professional.​ The purpose of accommodations is to provide equity, not advantage. Any requested modification that would substantially alter essential elements of the examination will not be granted. To request accommodations for your examination, please complete the ‘Examination Accommodations Request Form‘ and submit it to for review. For information regarding HRPA’s Privacy Policy on Examination Accommodations, please click here. ​Cancellation, Withdrawal and Reschedule Policy All requests for withdrawals must be sent to HRPA using the Exam Withdrawal Form​ (PDF). If you no longer wish to write a scheduled exam, you have the option to cancel your exam registration and withdraw from the sitting. Withdrawals from the exam are permitted up to two calendar days prior to the examination appointment date. All exam withdrawals are subject to a $55.00 administration, unless the withdrawal request is made 29 calendar days or more before the scheduled exam date, in which case there is no withdrawal fee. In certain extenuating circumstances (such as illness or bereavement) the withdrawal fee may be waived at HRPA’s discretion. Supporting documentation must be submitted along with the Exam Withdrawal Form. Individuals who do not show up for the exam will be considered “no-shows” and will forfeit the full exam fee. Alternatively, you can reschedule your exam date, appointment time or location within the same exam window, as long as you do so more than two full calendar days before your scheduled appointment time. However, a $50.00 fee will be charged to you if you reschedule your exam date, time or location less than 29 calendar days of the scheduled exam date and time. Rescheduling is not possible within two calendar days of your scheduled exam date and time. To change your exam date, time or location please use the reschedule/cancel option on the Prometric website or contact Prometric’s automated voice response system at: 1-800-369-6268 (in North America) or Prometric’s Regional Registration Centre (outside of North America); available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Remote Proctoring June 4, 2020 – Remote Proctoring Webinar Remote Proctoring Webinar Recording Remote Proctoring Webinar Presentation Remote Proctoring Webinar Q&A July 15, 2020- Remote Proctoring Webinar 2 Remote Proctoring Webinar 2 Recording Remote Proctoring Webinar 2 Presentation Remote Proctoring Webinar2 Q&A ​Exam Results The CHRP-KE and CHRL-KE results will be released via email approximately three to four weeks from the end of the testing window. The exact date and time will be communicated to all exam writers via email together with instructions on how to access the results online in their HRPA profile. Members and students must ensure that the email address HRPA has on file is up to date and that their email provider recognizes HRPA as a safe source for emails. Results cannot be released over the phone. If you experienced an incident during your exam session, it must be indicated on the post-exam survey you are asked to complete at the end of the exam, and you should also email the Office of the Registrar with your concerns within 7 days of your exam date. No action will be taken by HRPA with respect to any potential incident once exam results have been released.

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