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How to Pass the RIBO Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario Exam

Download your RIBO Exam Prep Study Kit Here:

RIBO Broker Exam Prep Insurance Institute / Seneca / IFSE Exam Prep Study Notes Textbook Kit

Why insurance?

Whether you want to sell home, auto or business insurance, this is a great industry to make a career in - you're helping protect people from financial ruin, it's recession proof and its relatively high paying. says that most insurance brokers in Ontario earn a salary of $48,462/yr.

But the first step is to pass the RIBO Level 1 exam.

Who needs this RIBO 1 online course?

This course helps you get licensed even if you have:

  • No experience

  • No time

  • English isn't your first language

  • You are "bad" at studying

With some of the best student reviews in the industry and over 8000 enrollments, our RIBO 1 course gives you what you need to pass the RIBO 1 exam.

Earn your license and start your insurance career in just 3 weeks saving you months of study time and stress.

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