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HRPA Designations CHRP CHRL CHRE Exams


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HRPA Designations HRPA designations were created to signal to clients and employers that an individual has the knowledge and expertise they need to excel in the HR profession. The framework below was developed to ensure that HR designations are as valued by organizations as those of other regulated professions. Our designations are structured to test competency and expertise at three distinct levels: CHRP (Certified Human Resources Professional) The CHRP is a designation intended for HR professionals in roles that are mostly administrative in nature, such as a contributing role in a larger HR function, or a sole HR practitioner in a small HR function. Individuals in this level would have responsibilities such as supporting HR initiatives, executing tasks passed down from management, and operating at tactical and transactional levels.​ Learn More CHRL (Certified Human Resources Leader) Expectations for HR professionals have changed, requiring that they operate at a more strategic level. In today’s organizations, they need to be more solution providers and less process administrators. HR ​professionals at the CHRL level can be found in either specialist or generalist positions with responsibilities such as managing projects, programs, and initiatives; implementing plans passed down by senior management; and delegating tasks to entry-level staff. Learn More CHRE (Certified Human Resources Executive) Human Resources professionals at the ​CHRE level can be found in either specialist or generalist positions but with a high level of experience and responsibility such as leading the HR function in large organizations, developing and executing significant HR projects, working with Boards or HR Committees, dealing with executive compensation, and having responsibility for HR strategies in support of long–term organizational goals. ​​​​To earn the CHRE designation, candidates must have acquired executive level competencies in areas such as governance, business strategy, and executive compensation. ​​ Learn More

HRPA Designation Comparison Chart RequirementsCHRPCHRLCHREHRPA Membership in good standingYesYesYesEducation Coursework CredentialYes – courses in 9 required subject areasYes – courses in 9 required subject areasNoKnowledge ExamCHRP Knowledge Exam or CHRL Knowledge ExamCHRL Knowledge ExamNoEmployment Law ExamCHRP Employment Law Exam or CHRL Employment Law ExamCHRL Employment Law ExamNoDegree RequirementNoYes – but does not need to be in HRNoExperience RequirementNoYes – 3 years of professional level HR experienceYes – 10 years of HR experience with significant experience at the executive levelJob Ready ProgramYesNoNoContinuing Professional DevelopmentYes – once designation has been grantedYes – once designation has been grantedYes – once designation has been grantedAs part of its long-term plans, HRPA intends to further enhance the CHRL designation by making the following updates:

  • Revise the existing coursework requirement

  • Replace the existing experience requirement with supervised experience

  • Add a Professional Program (similar to the Job Ready Program for the CHRP)

These updates are in the early stages of development and no implementation dates have been set. Once these updates are ready to be implemented, registrants in the process of obtaining the CHRL at that time will have the opportunity to complete the process without the updated requirements applying to them. The Value of a Designation Not only are the HRPA’s designations improving respect for HR professionals, they are also increasing their job opportunities and pay. We undertook a landmark study to quantify the value of an HRPA designation, see the results here. HRPA Competency Framework Developed in 2014, the HRPA Competency Framework organized 213 individual functional HR competencies and 15 enabling competencies into a model which provides precise definitions for how these specific competencies would be demonstrated and assessed at each of the three levels: CHRP; CHRL; and CHRE. Learn more about the HRPA Competency Framework. Other Important Resources Designation Completion Timeframes For each of the designation requirements, we have estimated the amount of time it takes for completion. Learn more here. Continuing Professional Development To maintain your professional designations, you are required to complete ongoing professional development. Learn more.

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