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Is the RIBO Exam Hard?

Title: Is the RIBO Exam Hard? A Guide to Tackling Insurance Broker Exams in Canada


The journey to becoming a registered insurance broker in Ontario, Canada, often leads to a crucial question: “Is the RIBO exam hard?” This blog aims to demystify the RIBO exam, outlining its requirements and guiding you to essential resources that will help prepare you efficiently and effectively.

Is the RIBO Exam Hard?

Your Gateway to RIBO Study Materials

First things first, let’s talk about preparation. For those gearing up for the RIBO exam, accessing quality study materials is key. A highly recommended resource is CourseTree Learning, where you can find a comprehensive study kit. These materials are specifically designed to align with the RIBO exam’s learning objectives, featuring actual questions from exam banks and helpful flashcards for efficient studying.

Decoding the RIBO Exam

Is the RIBO Exam Hard?
Is the RIBO Exam Hard?

The Challenge of the Exam

The RIBO (Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario) exam is known for its rigorous standards, assessing a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of insurance broking in depth. It is not an open book exam, requiring thorough preparation and a strong grasp of the subject matter.

Requirements for the Exam

To sit for the RIBO exam, candidates must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Educational Background: A minimum of a high school diploma or its equivalent.

  2. Registration: Enroll for the exam through the official RIBO website or accredited institutions.

  3. Identification: Present valid ID on the day of the exam.

  4. Preparation: Extensive study using appropriate materials, like the CourseTree Learning study kit.

Exam Structure

The RIBO exam typically includes a series of multiple-choice questions. These questions are designed to test your understanding of various aspects of insurance brokerage, including principles, practices, and ethical considerations.

Tips for Tackling the Exam

  • Understand the Exam Format: Familiarize yourself with the structure and types of questions asked.

  • Consistent Study Routine: Develop and adhere to a regular study schedule.

  • Utilize Study Materials: The study kit from CourseTree Learning covers all necessary topics and provides practice questions similar to those in the exam.

  • Practice Tests: Regularly take practice exams to build confidence and time management skills.

  • Review Sessions: Continuously review and revisit topics to strengthen your understanding.


While the RIBO exam is indeed challenging, it is not insurmountable. With the right preparation, understanding of the exam format, and the use of comprehensive study materials like those offered by CourseTree Learning, you can approach the exam with confidence. Remember, thorough preparation is the key to success in the RIBO exam.

Good luck with your studies, and here’s to your success on the RIBO exam!

(Note: This blog is for informational purposes only. It’s always best to refer to the official RIBO website for the most current exam details and requirements.)

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