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Want to pass the NCLEX but don't want to pay for an online study program? This study bundle will teach you all the learning objectives required to pass the exam within 10 days. We’ve organized notes on EVERYTHING from the full curriculum, created organized charts and visual aids.

This package is organized by categories as seen in the photos (all categories are separated by pharmacology component, disease process, etc. so you don't need to go searching through the document). This is one PDF.

Full Contents


Part 1 - Body of Knowledge

Part 2 - Reading Charts & Procedures

Part 3 - Key Learning Objectives

Part 4 – Medications

Part 5 - TERMinator Flashcards

Part 6 - 850 Exam Questions, Answers and Explanations


- Detailed notes organized by category - includes the pharmacology content

- Memory aids and acronyms + tips and tricks

- Notes/resources from Capstone course that have been written in our own words/easier to comprehend

- NCLEX study cheat sheets/charts with important things to note

- Drug endings chart

- Mental Health Drugs Cheat Sheet

- Acid base balance notes

- Acid base balance/Arterial Blood Gas Cheat Sheets x2

These notes are amazing at helping to provide the knowledge of content needed to pass the exam.

Study Tips

Create a study schedule. We recommend focusing on one to two content areas each day. Go over all content, take notes, and do practice questions for that content area. You can combine smaller content areas (I.e., immune + infectious disease), but leave at least a whole day dedicated to larger sections like cardiovascular and respiratory. The best way to remember content is to write down the information. Rewrite content from my notes that you feel is important. Make flash cards for the major drug classes/endings and side effects. Make flash cards for the mnemonics. Look at the diseases/conditions cheat sheet which summarizes some of the most popular conditions (example: DI vs SIADH, metabolic acidosis vs alkalosis, Cushing disease vs Addison’s disease - all examples of common diseases you should know). Once you have a basis of understanding of the knowledge, do practice questions.

NCLEX-RN Registered Nursing Exam Prep Complete Study Kit