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Our Educational & Learning Awards

  • Human Resources "Humee" Award 2018

  • Canadian Realtor Academic & Training Excellence Award 2019

  • Canadian Finance & Commerce Curriculum Excellence - Silver 2018

  • Mutual Funds & Financial Planner Masters Award - Gold 2019    

  • Oxford Adult Learning Canada - Fellowship - 2018

  • MfA Stipend        

  • NTHF Hall of Fame    

  • AWM/MAA Falconer Lecturer    

  • Broad Prize for Urban Education     

  • Clark Kerr Award    

  • Deborah and Franklin Haimo Award   

  • Edyth May Sliffe Award 

  • Elizabeth W. Jones Award for Excellence in Education

Our study materials are available in English, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Simplified or Classical Chinese.

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Angela Li

Director of Education

"Helping our Community Better Themselves"




Director Operations & Accounting

"Connecting the Dots and Delivering for Our Students"

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Chief of Creative &  Editors

"Building an Easier Way to Study"




Social Media Manager

"Earning the right to be your first choice"

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