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IFIC Certification

IFIC Certification Exam and IFIC Exam Questions Study Materials.

IFSE Login, Canadian Investment Funds Course
The IFIC is unlike any in the industry. The sequence of instruction mirrors the typical process used with clients in the real world. A challenging case study and practice exam enable students to put knowledge into practice. Successfully completing the IFIC / CIFC Exam meets the proficiency requirement by the provincial securities commissions for mutual fund licensing.









This study kit contains the IFC / IFIC exam questions, answers, reading and flashcards. This is all you need to clear your CSI, IFSE or CFIC exam easily.


The IFC provides foundational knowledge that prepares Advisors to give effective advice to clients on mutual fund investments based on a client’s objectives, timeline and risk tolerance. It also provides greater insight into a mutual fund representative’s legal, ethical and professional responsibilities.




A better understanding of financial markets and the mutual funds industry
The ability to analyze the risk-return relationship of investments
Deeper insight into assessing mutual fund performance and fee structure
Better methods to create and effectively manage client portfolios


This textbook will prepare you for the Investment Funds Institute of Canada, IFSE, IFIC, CFIC and IFC Mutual Funds exams




Mutual Funds Licenced Dealer
Financial Planner
Discount Broker
Investment Representative


Each chapter and module of the official exam provider's curriculum has been distilled and captured into clear and concise language. All learning objectives required to succeed in your exam are provided. This is the most direct and efficient way to study and prepare for the exam.

Our study kits have been carefully written and structured to give you the best possible chance of succeeding at your exam. The language is simple, the learning objectives are clear and succinct. This is everything you need.



Section 1 - Complete Chapter Study Notes

• Complete of study notes detailing the important topics

• These notes are clear and concise covering every learning objective

Section 2 - Practice Check Exam Questions

• Actual Exam questions with answer keys

• Exam questions cover all chapters and learning objectives

Section 3 - TERMinator Cards

• Flashcards style learning exercise with question on front and answer on the back

• This is the last phase of studying. You can shuffle these index cards and test your knowledge of IFIC definitions. IFIC Certification.

IFIC Certification
IFIC Certification
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