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CPHR National Knowledge Exam Questions NKE Exam Questions Download CPHR Exam Download PDF CPHR NKE

This kit is meant for the NKE National Knowledge Exams. This is everything you need to pass easily.
CPHR NKE National Knowledge Exam HR Guide Exam Prep.
To see an overview of the study kit, please go here:
Our study kits have been carefully written and structured to give you the best possible chance of succeeding at your exam. The language is simple, the learning objectives are clear and succinct. This is everything you need.  
The National Knowledge Exam® (NKE) assesses your understanding of HR knowledge and skills. It serves as the national benchmark for the assessment of proficiency in the Human Resources body of knowledge. The exam assesses an individual’s understanding of the CPHR competencies as they relate to academic knowledge. Academic knowledge refers to basic facts, policies, practices, methods, legislation, etc. It is information that can be written into procedures and transferred during the learning process.
After you have passed the exam, you are considered a candidate for certification (a ‘CPHR Candidate’)
Each provincial Member Association administers the NKE for their members. You will find all the information related to the NKE for your Province on their site. You must register with your member association as the first step. The cost of writing the exam varies from province to province.
Normally, the NKE is held in the spring and fall of each year. Exam dates are posted one year in advance of the day the exam is held. Please check with your provincial Member Association for the location, times and more information regarding upcoming exams.
The NKE is developed based on the CPHR Competency Framework . 90% of the NKE is based on the HR Specific Competencies and 10% is based on the General Competencies.
This HR Guide for the NKE National Knowledge Exams will prepare you for the 2023 CPHR exams. CourseTree guarantees you pass your exams. A full refund will be given if you do not pass..
Section 1 – Complete HR Guide Study Notes for NKE Competency Frameworks – Everything you need to know from all chapters. 140 pages.
Section 2 – Practice NKE exam questions with answer keys. Questions are broken into the NKE framework knowledge areas. 400 pages
Section 3 – Flashcards memory game – flashcards with questions on the front side and answers on the back. These can be shuffled and used to test your knowledge as a last step of exam prep. 


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