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OREA & Humber All Real Estate Courses Textbooks & Mock Exams

All 8 OREA pre-registration + electives courses are available. Readings, real exam questions, flashcards and study tips. $25 per course or all 8 for $120. Courses contain study notes, exam questions and answers, case studies, flashcards and readings.

Download this full kit here:

If you would like a SINGLE course from the list below, please download here:

Everything you need is in this kit.

Sample pages available upon request.

To watch a walk-through video of this kit, please use this link:

The Study Package Contains ALL Below:

1: Real Estate as a Professional Career - $25

2: Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading - $25

3: The Real Estate Transaction- General and Residential - $25

4: Real Property Law - $25

5: The Commercial Real Estate Transaction - $25

6: The Real Estate Broker - $25

7: Principles of Property Management - $25

8: Principles of Appraisal - $25

Full Refund Policy

The full amount of your purchase will be refunded if you are not successful in passing your exams. With a copy of your transcript showing an unsuccessful grade, you’ll be refunded in full with no questions asked

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