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RCIC, CICC EPE ICCRC Entry to Practice Test Day Data Booklet Exam Prep Study Textbook Download PDF

Download this RCIC, CICC EPE study package here:

Watch a YouTube Overview of the kit here:

This study package contains all the resources, data, preparation, and tools that you need to easily clear your CICC, entry to practice Canadian immigration exams.

We’ve been guiding test takers through Canadian immigration exam, since 2006 and have earned thousands of 5 star reviews. You can find these on our website.

You get everything you need in clear, concise and to the point language, with helpful diagrams and our “blue cards” memorization system.

The materials contain the following items:

- Full entry to practice exam day test readings, learning objectives and answers. These have been taken from all the official government of Canada guidance and standards for E P E.

- Two full entry to exams, plus a bank of bonus questions, with multiple choice answer keys. Each of these exams has 140 questions, just like the exam you'll write. These are very helpful.

- Flashcards, our unique “blue card” memorization game.

We guarantee you pass your exams.

Required Regulatory Disclaimer

These materials are for study purposes and information only. We do not offer legal advice or offer immigration services. We are not affiliated with any government of Canada agency, nor are we affiliated with CICC, CAPIC,, or any other educational, publishing or exam preparation entity.

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