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REMIC Mortgage Agent Exam Prep Mortgage Brokering in Ontario Bundle REMIC Exam Download REMIC Exam

Are you studying for your mortgage agent or broker REMIC examinations in Ontario? We have everything you need to pass this test with ease.

Visit us at course tree learning dot com to purchase your Ontario Mortgage Agent Exam Study Kit.

Our study bundle includes updated test questions and answers for the new 2023 exam curriculum, encompassing all topics and lesson modules, chapter-by-chapter self-study notes, and the opportunity to study on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or even smartphone. Our study tools are designed to save review time and serve as a valuable resource for students who wish to succeed on their first attempt.

The study bundle contains readings, study notes, and key points for each topic, in addition to actual test questions, answers, and flashcards for assessing your comprehension. Our study guide may be downloaded at Do not miss your opportunity to pass the REMIC Mortgage Agent Exam.

Exam Kit Contents

Readings, study notes, and exam questions for each chapter in Part 1:

Market Overview.

Concepts in Mortgage Financing.

Ownership of Real Estate in Ontario.

Regulation and Statutes

Review of the transaction

Mortgage Insurance.

Identifying a Client.

The Initial Meeting.

Application Evaluation of Lender Documents

Analysis of Application Application Ratios.

Credit Application Analysis Borrower.

Application Evaluation of the Property.

Selecting a Lender.

Providing an Application.

Disclosure by the Lender

Making the Sale.

Contractual Law

Mortgage Relief

Mortgage Fraud.

Ethics in Mortgage Brokerage.

Exam Questions and Answers for Section 2

Actual questions and answers from the test

Section 3 Flashcards

The front of printable index cards with a question and the back with the answer. These can be mixed together to test your knowledge.

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