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REMIC Mortgage Agent Exam Prep Mortgage Brokering in Ontario Bundle REMIC Exam Download REMIC Exam

Get your Mortgage Agent Exam study notes here:

This study kit contains the exam questions and answers.

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Updated for New 2023 Exam Curriculum.

Covers all Topics and Lessons Modules.

Point-by-Point Self-Study Notes for all chapters.

Reduces the Time Taken for Review.

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These books provide point-by-point Self-Study Notes for review of the most important topics from the official textbook. The hard to understand terms have been explained in easy language. Math formulas have been explained with examples. It is a valuable asset for the student who wants to be successful in the first attempt.

REMIC Mortgage Agent Exam Prep Mortgage Brokering in Ontario Textbook & Study Kit Real Estate & Mortgage Institute of Canada, Mortgage Professionals Canada. The study contains everything you need to ace your REMIC Mortgage Agent Exam.

This CourseTree exam preparation kit has been published in Canada, The United States and England under the following International Standard Book Number (ISBN) 978-1-7773740-2-0

Each chapter and module of the official exam provider's curriculum has been distilled and captured into clear and concise language. All learning objectives required to succeed in your exam are provided. This is the most direct and efficient way to study and prepare for the exam.

Our study kits have been carefully written and structured to give you the best possible chance of succeeding at your exam. The language is simple, the learning objectives are clear and succinct. This is everything you need.

Video overview of what you're getting:

Study Kit Contents

Part 1 Readings, study notes and cases for all chapters:

Chapter 1: Market Overview

Chapter 2: Basic Mortgage Concepts

Chapter 3: Advanced Mortgage Concepts

Chapter 4: Property Ownership in Ontario

Chapter 5: Regulation and Legislation

Chapter 6: Transaction Overview

Chapter 7: Insurance in the Mortgage Industry

Chapter 8: Calculating a Mortgage Payment

Chapter 9: Attracting a Client

Chapter 10: First Contact

Chapter 11: The Initial Consultation

Chapter 12: Application Analysis Borrower Documents

Chapter 13: Application Analysis Application Ratios

Chapter 14: Application Analysis Borrower Credit

Chapter 15: Application Analysis The Property

Chapter 16: Choosing the Lender

Chapter 17: Submitting the Application

Chapter 18: Borrower Disclosure

Chapter 19: Closing the Transaction

Chapter 20: Contract Law

Chapter 21: Mortgage Remedies

Chapter 22: Mortgage Fraud

Chapter 23: Ethics and Mortgage Brokering

Part 2 Exam Questions and Answers

Actual exam questions and answers

Part 3 Flashcards

Printable index cards with a question on the front and answer on the back. These can be shuffled to test your knowledge

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