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CHRP CHRL Knowledge Exams HR Knowledge Exam Prep Textbook Download PDF CHRP-KE

CHRP-KE CHRL-KE & Law HR Learning Knowledge Exam Study Textbook & Exams

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This study textbook contains all the HR Exams questions and answers for HRPA CHRP-KE CHRL-KE Employment HR Law Exams.

CHRP Comprehensive Knowledge Exams & CHRL Knowledge Exams HR Law & NKE 2022 HR Guide Exam Prep

This CourseTree exam preparation kit has been published in Canada, The United States and England under the following International Standard Book Number (ISBN) 978-1-7773740-3-7

Each chapter and module of the official exam provider's curriculum has been distilled and captured into clear and concise language. All learning objectives required to succeed in your exam are provided. This is the most direct and efficient way to study and prepare for the exam. The language is simple, the learning objectives are clear and succinct. This is everything you need.

This study kit contains all the HR Knowledge Exam objectives, key points and practice you need to succeed at your exams.

This HR Guide for the Comprehensive & National Knowledge Exams will prepare you for the 2022 exams. CourseTree guarantees you pass your exams. A full refund will be given if you do not pass..


Section 1 – Complete HR Guide Study Notes for CHRP & CHRL Competency Frameworks – Everything you need to know from all 9 chapters.

Section 2 – Practice CHRP & CHRL exam questions with answer keys. Questions are broken into the CKE, HR Law and NKE framework knowledge areas.

Section 3 – Flashcards memory game – flashcards with questions on the front side and answers on the back. These are organized by chapter. These can be shuffled and used to test your knowledge as a last step of exam prep.

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